FOCP is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization which exists solely to help the San Francisco Planning Department do a better job. FOCP accomplishes this mission through its grants program, which has awarded approximately $1,120,000 in grants since 1997. The grants program funds the following four areas, all of which fall within its Federal and State approved purposes:
o Acquisition of tools such as innovative software, equipment and materials;
o Professional training and education for staff;
o Organizational development of the Department; and
o Improvements in public access to planning information.

Every San Franciscan benefits from a well trained, adequately equipped, accessible Planning Department which guides the future qualities of our city. That objective is FOCP’s sole focus. Our many and highly diverse supporters — from neighborhood activists to project sponsors — find common ground in that goal.

Applications for grants are made by the Director but can originate with any member of the staff. The Director forwards the applications to FOCP. FOCP considers and approves or declines applications based upon how well they match FOCP’s funding categories.

All decisions are made by the FOCP Board which consists of approximately 18 members. FOCP has always striven to sustain a cross section of viewpoints on its Board. Board members come from diverse backgrounds, and include neighborhood activists, preservationists, small business owners, former planning commissioners, trade union representatives, architects, lawyers, and builders.

No grants are made to individual members of the Department nor does FOCP seek to give direction of any type to the Planning Department, its Director, staff, Commissioners or other city officials.

All funds raised by FOCP come from ticket sales to our annual Spring event. Our donors — neighborhood organizations, non profit groups and individual citizens, in addition to project sponsors and land use professionals–all want intelligent, professional and effective planning.