Annual Events

The Friends of City Planning hosts an annual fund-raising event which is intended to be a community party celebrating important and innovative efforts in Planning throughout the City.

All City Planning Department personnel are invited, as well as residents interested in planning and the members of the development, planning and architectural community. The event is one that folks love to attend because the spirit is high, the food is good, the bar is full, there is music, and all the old friends and colleagues get to visit with one another once again.

The purpose of the event is two-fold. First, to raise funds for the annual grants to the Planning Department in the areas of staff development, community outreach and technological enhancement, all of which are not funded through the general fund and are particularly needed by the Department of City Planning. The Friends makes an enormous effort to make certain that the party is financially successful in order to provide funds for the following year’s grants.

The second goal is to make certain that we remain in touch with the planning efforts going on throughout the City both on a grassroots level as well as on a city-wide level. As a result, each year, we choose a timely theme which highlights current issues and actions being articulated in the planning field.

For information on our upcoming fundraiser, you may contact:

Lisa Wong, Ron Wong and Associates
Events Management
(650) 808-0519